What should I bring? What should I to do to prepare?

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The most important thing to bring is yourself and your interview partner!

We suggest bringing a bottle of water, and your list of questions. StoryCorps provides tissues in case you need them.

Please note that we will ask you to turn your electronic devices completely off, and may suggest you remove watches or jewelry that make noise.  

A StoryCorps facilitator will walk you through the entire process, and take care of the logistics, so you only need to think about sitting down with your loved one or friend. This isn’t a performance, and you’re not live on the radio, so there’s no need to rehearse; we do suggest thinking in advance about what you’d like to focus on during your interview. After all, you can’t get to everything in 40 minutes! For inspiration, take a look at our Great Questions.

Read more about what to expect during your reservation.

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