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The StoryCorps app is currently in public beta mode, and we're working hard to improve the product and resolve some pesky bugs. Thank you for your patience and support as we work through this phase. Below you'll find a short overview of known technical issues that we're working to resolve. We'll update this list regularly as issues are fixed. If you're experiencing an issue that isn't listed below, please report it here.  

Known Issues:

  • Crashing or freezing while uploading interview (check your Wi-Fi connection and make sure your interview doesn’t exceed 40 minutes).
  • Problems with playback of audio (we recommend exporting your audio file from your device to your computer and then manually uploading the file to your account at StoryCorps.me; see here).
  • Interview disappearing from the app screen (the audio file should still be saved to your device and can be retrieved by exporting your audio file from your device to your computer; see here).
  • Display issues on various devices.
  • Issues taking photos (check your available phone storage before starting; we recommend minimum 500MB of available storage on your device).
  • Problems logging in (please make sure you're using your username, not your email address).
  • Problems while using an iPad or other tablet (while you can access the app on a tablet, it's not optimized for these devices).

We highly recommend that you record and upload a test interview before using the app for an official interview. We also suggest that you check your Wi-Fi connection if you experience any issues while uploading an interview. Finally, logging into your account at storycorps.me from a desktop or laptop computer might also help resolve certain issues. 


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