How will I know what to ask? Does StoryCorps have suggested questions for the interview?

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StoryCorps has a suggested list of questions which you can access on our website here or by logging into your account on the app from your device or logging into your account on the website from a computer.

When you’re logged into your account on the app, you will see a page with three horizontal dashes on the upper-left hand corner. Tap the dashes, and then tap “My Interviews”. On the “My Interviews” page, you will see a “+” symbol on the upper right hand corner of the screen, which you can tap to access the “Prepare an Interview” option. When you tap “Prepare an Interview”, you will be prompted to create a list of questions. The app has an extensive list of prepared questions you may browse to help prepare for your interview.

You are not required to use any of these questions, but they will help you start thinking about what to ask your participant. The app also allows you to create your own custom questions. Listen closely and let your chosen questions guide the discussion, not control it. Make sure to ask follow-up questions.

If you haven’t prepared a list of questions, you will be able to see and use our prepared questions while you are recording an interview. You can also access the StoryCorps suggested question list by logging into your account from a computer, clicking on your username, and clicking on “Create a Question List” in the dropdown menu.

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