How do I edit my username?

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We currently don’t offer users the ability to change their usernames. To change your username, you’ll have to delete your currently registered account and re-register under a new username.

Please note that deleting your account will permanently delete any audio files associated with your account, whether they were published to the website or kept private on your device. We highly recommend that you create a backup of your audio files for your own records by saving them to your desktop or laptop computer.

If you’ve published your interviews to our website, you can save the audio files as follows:

  • Login to your account at
  • Click on your username in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  • Click on "View Profile"
  • Scroll down to the interview you’d like to download
  • Right-click or control+click on the small cloud icon in the upper right hand corner of the interview box
  • When a drop down menu appears, click on “Save Link As” and save the audio file to your desktop or laptop computer

If you kept your interviews private and only saved them to your device, you can follow these steps to export your interview audio files from your device to a desktop or laptop computer.

When you’ve completed downloading your interviews to your desktop or laptop computer, you can delete your account as follows:

  • Click on your username in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  • Click on "Edit Profile"
  • Click "Delete Account" on the left side of the screen and follow the instructions

After you’ve deleted your account, please return to the login page and sign up for a new account under your desired username. Once a new account has been created, you can upload your backed-up audio files to that new account by logging into from your computer, clicking on your username, clicking on "Add a New Interview" in the dropdown menu, and following the prompts.

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