Practice editing titles, summaries, and keywords

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Interview titles should be descriptive to help you keep track of your conversations. The best interview titles are one sentence, include the first and last names of participants, and refer to the main idea of the interview. The summary is a one- to two-sentence description of the interview and should include the location and date of the interview, the names and basic autobiographical details of the participants, and a general overview of the topics discussed.

Keywords are descriptors that indicate important themes, topics, places, and people described or discussed in the interview. You will see keyword fields for General, Location, and Organization. If there are any locations or organizations discussed at length in your interview, enter them in the appropriate field. Otherwise, enter your keywords in the general field, separated by commas.

It is suggested that you provide 5-15 keywords for each interview. They will help you and others find your interview on the website. To help create and edit this information, we recommend that you use the worksheet Interview Keywords Form. After publishing the test interview, you will be able to add, delete, or edit the audio file’s title, summary, and keywords by logging into your account at from a desktop or laptop computer.

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