I want to free up storage space on my device by deleting a published interview from the app. When I delete the published interview from my device, how do I make sure the interview remains saved to my account on the StoryCorps.me website?

Customer Support -

To delete an interview from your device, press on the three dots in the lower right hand corner of the interview box. When you choose “Delete interview”, you will be asked “How would you like to delete the interview?” and given two options:

  1. Delete from device & StoryCorps.me, or
  2. Delete from device.

If you choose option 1, your interview will be deleted from both your device and the website. If you choose option 2, your interview will be deleted from your device but it will not be deleted from the website.

Before deleting your interview, we highly recommend that you backup your interview audio file to your desktop or laptop computer by following the instructions here.

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