How can students share their StoryCorps interview with a teacher or classmates?

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There are several options for sharing interviews. As soon as an interview has been published, it can be shared directly from the app. At the bottom of the interview box, you’ll see “Share” with an icon. Click on Share and you’ll be able to send a direct link to the full interview through email.

Another option for sharing is logging into your account from a desktop or laptop computer and getting a direct link. In the “View Profile” page, click on the title of the interview and then click on the share icon in the upper right hand corner of the interview box to share the link through email. A third option is to download the interview from the website and save it to a desktop or laptop computer (see instructions here), and then share it via email.

For those students who have chosen to keep their interview private, it will only be saved to your device. To share this interview, you can export your interview audio file from your device to a computer by following these instructions and then emailing the audio file to your teacher or classmates.

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