I’m an owner or moderator of a community. I see an interview on the StoryCorps.me website that I’d like to add to my community page. Is there a way to invite the user to join my community and add their interview to my community page?

Customer Support -

Yes, please follow these steps:

  • Login to your account at StoryCorps.me
  • Press “Browse” and you’ll see an “Invite to Community” button inside each interview box
  • Scroll down to the interview you’d like to add to your community and press “Invite to Community”
  • In the next screen, choose the community and then press “Invite to Community”
  • An email with an invitation to join your community will be sent to the user who published the interview
  • When the user presses the “Accept Invite” button in the email (note: the user must be logged into their account to accept the invitation), the user will become a member of your community and the interview will be added to your community page
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